TOT: Theology on Tap
What is Theology on Tap?


Theology on Tap is a discussion series offered several times a year on faith topics of interest to young adults (20s and 30s). These events are held in a restaurant, a coffeehouse, even in a bar; places where young adults already are comfortable and feel welcome. Each meeting features an engaging speaker presenting a theological topic, time for discussion, faith sharing, and community building.

The objective of Theology on Tap is to provide an opportunity for Catholic parishes and groups to share the richness of Catholic faith with young adults in a setting where people of similar values and faith can gather in a peer community.


What can I expect to happen at a Theology on Tap Event?


You can expect to meet people whose beliefs and values are similar to your own. You can expect a powerful speaker who will challenge you and make you think about topics of faith and daily life. You can expect meaningful discussion and a chance to share your thoughts and experiences.


When does Theology on Tap meet in Centre County?


Theology on Tap in State College meets two times per year - typically the Mondays of August and April. Check this website for specific details and a list of the discussion topics as the series approaches. We meet at 7:00pm at Damon’s Bar and Grill on East College Avenue (see map). Appetizers are provided.


What are some examples of previous discussion topics?


We have had speakers on a wide range of topics including: “The New Evangelization”, “Stem Cell Research”, “History of the Pro-Life Movement”, “Catholic Social Teaching”, “The End Times”, “Theology of the Body”, “Ask a Priest”, and “Being Catholic and Working in the Medical Field”


How can I get involved in the local Catholic young adult community outside of Theology on Tap?


After attending Theology on Tap events in your area, it is our hope that you want to get more involved with other young Catholics adults in your area and grow more deeply in your faith. There are many several options for further involvement.


·         Attending Mass in a local parish

  • Forming an ongoing small group to discuss faith topics of interest.
  • Getting a group together to do a community service project or other activity

·         Local Catholic parishes or your diocese may have a director or office of Young Adult Ministry offering additional events and resources. You can usually find out by visiting their web sites, and searching for YOUNG ADULT.

Our next series is coming soon!


August 13: “Responding to Christ’s Call to Serve: The St. Vincent DePaul Society, It’s History and Mission” by Dr. Sally Lima and Bill Haner, Presidents of the State College Chapter


August 20: “Making Good Decisions in Light of Catholic Morality” by Fr. David Rizzo, Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Altoona


August 27: TBD


September 10: “Looking Back on the Church’s Abuse Crisis”, by Dr. Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History, Penn State University


Join us!

We meet at Damon’s Bar and Grill on East College Avenue.